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Personalize your parts and accessories.

Bring life to your home decor and more.

Fabricate Your Production Parts

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You can customize patio furniture, metal shelfs, yard decor and much more

    so many colors!!!

Let us coat your frames and parts with powder coating

Production and medical tools fabrication

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Powder coat your automobile and bicycle frames and parts.

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Oven capasity: hight & width 6ftx7ft and length of 17ft


So many colors, we even have        glow in the dark!!


  Why rely on a regular paint when you can have superior powder coating?   Painting just adds a layer of color on the metal witch will eventually peel or separate from your projects while Powder coating gives a better look and feel and protects the metal from corrosion, abrasion, rust, etc. In addition, the coating is of superior quality compared to regular paint and  last longer.

  Parts are first sandblasted for good adhesion and allows the powder to flow into all metals including aluminum.   The coating is embedded into the steel by opening up small pores when baked. This process is much more durable than paint.

  All our work is done by a certified custom powder coater with over a decade of experience.