Stan's Custom Powder Coating - Body Coat | Eagle Point, OR


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Why live with the standard automotive parts, when you can customize and stand out from the crowd? Bring in your automobile parts and get it modified according to your needs.


   Your damaged or corroded automotive parts will need restoration. Our powdered coating will protect the metal from corroding and wearing out. It will also help in the restoration of those parts and prevent further deterioration.


  Don't let the harsh weather affect the longevity of your expensive automotive parts. Get your car coated from us and see the difference.


        Bring your stuff in to Stan's Custom Powder Coating of Eagle Point, OR today.

Restore or customize Your Automotive Parts

Don't let the weather take out the strength of your automotive part. Get it coated from us to avoid any further deterioration in its quality.

Call us for customization of your automotive part. Get your FREE quote today!


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