Stan's Custom Powder Coating - Body Coat | Eagle Point, OR


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Why become blend in the crowd when you have an opportunity to stand apart? You don't have to settle with your regular motorcycle design. Bring your motorcycle to us at Stan's Custom Powder Coating, located in Eagle Point, OR and we'll get it custom coated by dismantling it until it stands bare.


Get your motorcycle, and every part of it, custom-coated with your favorite colors. You can make a one-of-a-kind vehicle with your personalized colors and designs.

Customize Your Motorcycle's Parts with Powder Coating

You can create a unique motorcycle frame that can last really long and persists through those harsh weather conditions where you drive in. Get your frame custom-coated with our high-quality powder-coating process.


Our process is designed with utmost detail and is certain to produce significant results after the job is finished. You'll be taken aback by the astounding results from the powder-coating of your vehicle.

Unique Frame for Your Motorcycle

Don't settle with your regular bike frame! Get it custom-coated with our high-quality powder coating and make it stand out from the crowd!

  Call us for an appointment today and get your Bikes parts   and frames coated by Stan!